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Lirica is a podcast about Italy’s cultural heritage. We’ll tell you about works of art and artists, musical masterpieces and musicians; we’ll visit incredible places and meet characters from every era; they’ll tell us about their lives, and even a bit about our own; because culture is simple when it speaks the language of beauty.

by Claudio Strinati

Today, we’re talking about Castel Sant’Angelo, the famous Roman monument that witnesses the sad events of the third and final act of Giacomo Puccini’s opera, Tosca. We’ll discover the ancient origins of this place and the incredible ways in which it’s changed over time. Let’s listen to this new podcast by Professor Claudio Strinati.

by Claudio Strinati

Let’s continue our journey through Tosca’s locations. After looking at Sant’Andrea della Valle, let’s go to the Palazzo Farnese, the splendid building in Rome where the second act of Puccini’s masterpiece is set. Let’s discover all its secrets together. A new podcast by Professor Claudio Strinati.

by Claudio Strinati

We’ve already talked about Giacomo Puccini and his opera, Tosca, so you know that it is set entirely in the historic centre of Rome. Do you want to know more about these splendid places? Let’s start with this podcast by Professor Claudio Strinati about the basilica of Sant’Andrea della Valle.

by Martina Santese

Giacomo Puccini was one of the most famous opera composers of all time. His most well-known opera: Tosca. But who was Giacomo Puccini? And how did he come to compose this masterpiece? Stick with us, we’ll tell you everything.

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