The story
of Italy’s cultural heritage

Culture is simple when it speaks the language of beauty

Our project.

With Lirica we want to tell the story of Italy’s cultural heritage through the language of art. Important contemporary writers from the world of figurative art and music, artists, composers, art historians, musicologists, and theatrical scriptwriters will create video and audio content. This project has been designed for everybody, tearing down the barriers that too often stop people from learning about and enjoying this heritage.

Italy’s cultural heritage.

We want to tell you about opera, the form of theatre that most represents Italian culture the world over. Musical theatre was born in Italy, almost all of the world’s most famous and most performed opera composers are Italian and 54% of international opera productions are in the Italian language. We think this cultural heritage is to be appreciated, using innovative products to increase the number of ways in which to experience and publicise it.

We want to talk about architectural heritage. With 55 areas on the World Heritage List, Italy, along with China, sits top of the list of countries with the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy’s landscape is unique in its richness and complexity, it represents our cultural identity and must increasingly make use of modern tools.

The short film.